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Deck Railing Planters

Deck Railing Planters

Flower Window Boxes is a manufacturer direct of deck railing planters and flower boxes. All of our window boxes can be attached to decks, porch railings, and balconies with our steel hooks and we can even make custom hooks to fit your needs. Our Charleston box is our featured model, however, any of our models can be used for hanging over rails and each one features a patented self-watering reservoir feature. We offer three types for your decks and porches to choose from to accommodate almost any situation:

  • Over the railing planters hang over rails and add curb appeal
  • Rail top planters sit atop rails and create privacy
  • Freestanding deck planters sit on the ground and create boundaries or gardening spaces
For boxes hanging over rails, we offer 8 different sized hook attachments to handle 99% of the types of rails out there. Our 2x4, 2x6, and 2x8 deck rail hooks will fit snug over wooden deck rails using standard dimensional lumber in those sizes. Our 1.5" - 3.5" fence rails hooks can be used to slip over a variety of non-standard rails such as curved, vinyl, metal, and composite rails. Check out our diagrams at the bottom of this page to help you decide which hook may make the most sense for your situation.

For boxes that sit atop rails, our rail top planter line will accommodate flat rail tops using standard 2x4 and 2x6 wood beams. However, we sometimes get custom requests for sitting our planters on non-standard rails and on many occasions we have custom made our rail top planters for unique customer applications.

"Custom rail planters is one thing we thrive at. Give us a call today at 888-505-7715 and talk to one of our specialists and we will help you design and measure for your project!?

How to attach planters and flower boxes to rails

* The small square with an X in it is an offset strip to keep the box from tilting forward. We provide one for you which will accommodate most cases.

Balcony Rail Planters

Our balcony rail planters are a great fit for transforming a balcony into a garden paradise. The metal brackets simply bolt into the back of our boxes and allow the boxes to easily fit over railings from 1.5" wide up to 3.5" wide. Custom width railings can be accommodated upon request. For more information about how you can make over your balcony rails please give us a call today.