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Custom Composite PVC Exterior Shutters

Drawing of Custom Exterior Shutters Flower Window Boxes is the Manufacturer of a Composite PVC exterior shutter line called Forever Shutters. What we do is a unique process using solid PVC exterior shutters that are designed to look and feel like wood and can be fixed to the house with a 5-point hinge technique to give the look of functional shutters. As the manufacturer we can customize our shutters to the nearest 1/16" and we can even customize the width of the rails, styles, panel sizes, and mullions to replicate existing shutters on the home.

Whether you are doing a complete replacement of all your shutters or starting with just replacing a few we can match existing shutters to your house. You can send us a drawing of an existing shutter or snap a picture of it and we can help you get the measurements. Before building any custom shutters with custom modifications we always quickly provide you with a detailed CAD drawing for your approval (like shown above) so that you can see the final product in full scale before we begin.

"At Flower Window Boxes we can build custom exterior shutters with a 1-2 week turnaround time!"

Wooden exterior shutters rot and split apart

Forever Shutters - A Revolutionary Concept, Avoid the rot of our Competitors

What sets us apart is a unique manufacturing process involving placing reinforced stainless steel bar inside the back of our exterior shutters to give them a rigid shape. Since the material will not rot we back our exterior shutters with a LIFETIME guarantee. No more replacing wooden exterior shutters every 5-7 years. And unlike wood shutters, our exterior shutters are so strong the panels can never split apart. Made from a 1" thick version of the same material as our award winning and industry leading window boxes we are once again revolutionizing the industry with our Forever Shutter line. Avoid the rotting, splitting, and maintenance of traditional wood exterior shutters but get all the benefits and lasting beauty of our Forever Shutters line exclusively at Flower Window Boxes, inc!

Custom Cutout Shutters

Custom cutouts for exterior shuttersThat's right, our Forever Shutters line includes 16 different cutout that be cut into your shutters for a unique touch. Plus, we can make our cutout exterior shutters with your own cutouts! You can send us a drawing or picture and we will match it onto your shutter and even provide you with a scaled drawing in CAD to show you how it looks and get your approval at no extra cost.

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Custom raised panel shutters with transem top