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At Flower Window Boxes TM we offer the ability to manufacture custom window box brackets to meet any customers needs. We also have a wide selection to choose from. All of our decorative window box brackets are purely aesthetic and are not part of the actual installation. The advantage to our pvc window boxes is that they can be lag bolted through the back for the safest and most secure installation possible. This allows us to manufacture window boxes up to 16 feet in length with strong and reliable installation methods. Click here to learn more about how to install window boxes from us.

All of our PVC flower box brackets are made to be faux brackets. This means they do not lend any support and are purely aesthetic. Decorative window box brackets help provide the look of traditional wooden window boxes and are a great way to enhance the curb appeal of your window box. They can be added at any time also even if the window box has already been installed and simply glue to the base of the box. The benefit to our technique is that it does not require symmetric stud placement behind the window box to get the exact look you want. You simply bolt our boxes wherever the studs are and put the brackets in any location desired.

Flower Window Boxes TM doesn't just make window box brackets! We also make all kinds of cedar decorative and support brackets for your home. Our brackets can be used for front door entrances, garage door overhangs, bay windows, off porches and columns, and more where your home needs a decorative touch. Click the pictures below to view our large scale decorative and support brackets which add curb appeal to any home.
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