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Real Copper Liners with Patina Finish vs PVC Liners with Copper Patina Coating

Solid PVC Liners with a Copper Patina Coating

Get the look of real copper at a fraction of the cost and with a product that's made to last a lifetime.  We are proud to offer an affordable alternative to real copper with the longevity of architectural grade PVC.  These PVC liners have been painted with a special coating that uses real copper and then bathed in an acid wash to make them really patina for an authentic look.  The paint will continue to patina over time to a greenish blue as the liners are left outdoors and exposed to rain.  They are available in various lengths in an 8" Height and a 7" Width (front to back).  They will perfectly fit inside our wrought iron window boxes.  We can also do custom sizes upon request meaning that we can custom make these architectural grade liners in height, width, and length to meet your specific needs.
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