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Composite PVC Shutters with Cutouts

Exterior Shutters with Anchor CutoutAt Flower Window Boxes TM, we are able to do cutout exterior shutters in our Forever Shutters TM product line. We have 16 cutout designs to choose from but routinely do custom designs as well and can match a drawing, picture, or existing shutter. Shutter cutouts can be done in the raised panel, board and batten, flat panel, and louver shutter styles. Also, we can center the design or do custom cutout placement above center, on center, or below center. For asymmetrical designs we will mirror image them for the left and right shutter to give a custom touch.

The best part is that we are streamlined to make these fast with them usually shipping in 1-2 weeks from the time the order is placed. All of our composite PVC outdoor shutters are affordable and there are no up charges for doing custom cutout designs. Plus, for all of our custom exterior shutters we will work up and email you a scaled .PDF drawing for your approval so you can even make fine adjustments to have confidence that you are getting exactly what you hope for.

We can also paint the shutters in our shop prior to sending them out to you. Painting does extend lead time to 3-4 weeks to build, paint, and ship out of our shop. Cutouts for Composite PVC Exterior ShuttersWe have 20 different painted shutter colors to choose from all in Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Multi-Surface exterior latex paint. We will consider doing custom paint colors for local Atlanta market customers only as long as they are with Sherwin-Williams (there is a 5 pair minimum requirement and the customer must provide us with the paint in a Sherwin Williams formula). Our composite PVC exterior shutters are lifetime guaranteed against rotting and they can be screwed directly to the house or hinged using our 5-point installation technique.

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Pair of White Unpainted Louver Composite PVC Exterior Shutters with Cutout Louver Cutout Composite PVC Exterior Shutters (Sold in Pairs)

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Sample Board and Batten Composite PVC Exterior Shutter SAMPLE Board and Batten Composite PVC Exterior Shutter

(Returnable for refund)

Starting Price: $39.00
Sample Louver Shutter with Cutout | Forever Shutters SAMPLE Louver Cutout Composite PVC Exterior Shutter

(Returnable for refund)

Starting Price: $39.00
Sample Raised Panel Composite PVC Exterior Shutter White Unpainted SAMPLE Raised Panel Composite PVC Exterior Shutter

(Returnable for refund)

Starting Price: $39.00