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Light Duty PVC Flower Box Liners

Light-Duty PVC Flower Box Liners

For our standard size 8"H window boxes

These light duty window box liners come in various lengths to fit inside all of our 8" High window boxes. For our XL or 10" High window boxes you will want to get our XL Light Duty Liners. Self watering reservoirs can be added as an option.

24" window box: 21.5" insert, 30" window box: 27.5" insert,

36" window box: 33.5" insert, 38" window box: 35.5" insert,
42" window box: 39.5" insert, 48" window box: (2x) 21.5" inserts,
54" window box: (2x) 24.5" inserts, 60" window box: (2x) 27.5" inserts,
66" window box: (2x) 30.5" inserts, 72" window box: (2x) 33.5" inserts,
78" window box: (2x) 36.5" inserts, 84" window box: (2x) 39.5" inserts,
96" window box: (3x) 29.5" inserts, 108" window box: (3x) 33.5" inserts

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