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Outdoor PVC Planters - Rectangular PVC Planter Boxes

Flower Window BoxesTM is a leading manufacturer and online retailer of no rot large outdoor pvc planters. Our PVC planters are made with a high-grade architectural plastic that can easily withstand low temperatures and are impervious to damage caused by moisture and wood destroying insects. They can even be left out in the winter and continue to be planted. The "better than wood concept" means that our rectangular planters are rot-free and lifetime guaranteed. Various oblong, trough, and rectangular planter shapes, custom planter sizes, and a variety of style options are available making them perfect for use with almost any exterior design. PVC planter boxes are available in hundreds of design, height, width, and length options, from 24-inch planters to 72-inch large planter boxes, to custom sizes over 12 feet long. Custom and large planter orders are also available with fast turnaround. Like our window boxes, each planter box can also be customized with a self-watering planter option to save you time maintaining your plants by reducing the frequency of watering.

Benefits of our Rectangular PVC Planterspvc planters vs vinyl planter boxes

* All planters are outdoor rated: They are rot free, impervious to water, and have a LIFETIME Guarantee.
* Planter boxes are made of composite PVC: Our PVC planters have the look and feel of wood. A matte finish gives the look of wood and not a shiny plastic like vinyl.
* PEAK SEASON: ALL PLANTER BOXES SHIP FULLY ASSEMBLED in approximately 1.5-2 weeks (not a kit). These are built to order by professional carpenters.
* All planters come in white: Unpainted, but unlike vinyl they can be painted any color with latex paint to match your home. You can also leave the white planters unpainted as they come if you want.
* Self-watering outdoor planters: Optional planter reservoir systems make them self-watering planter boxes. This option greatly reduces watering and is perfect for vacations and busy lifestyles.
* Custom planters: They are available in lengths up to 16 feet long. Our craftsman handmake each box to order and we can resize any planter to meet your needs. Custom rectangular planters are made in just a few days and no order is too big or too small.
* Winter ready: The solid PVC material of our white rectangular planters holds up during winter freezes without cracking, breaking, or warping unlike hollow plastic planters. This means you can plant year round and decorate our PVC planters for the holidays.

Size Options for our Outdoor PVC Planter Boxes

Our outdoor planter boxes come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to fit almost any situation. You can use our smaller, long planters for your front porch to add curb appeal to an open porch concept. You can also use our longer and taller, skinny planters on a back patio to line the edge of the patio space or up against a fence to create your own garden or add a touch of privacy to your backyard. Some of our larger outdoor planters and custom planters are great for customers who want waist-high or elevated planters or for customers looking to create a large rooftop garden. We work with landscape architects, gardeners, business owners, and customers of all backgrounds. Let us help you turn your dream into a reality and call us today!
  • Trough planters: 10"H x 10"W x Any Length, 12"H x 12"W x Any Length. Low trough planters are perfect as porch planters. They are low enough to see over when sitting on the front porch in a rocking chair. They also fit great on a retaining wall or ledge.
  • Tall planters and skinny planters: 18"H x 12"W x Any Length, 24"H x 15"W x Any Length. Tall planters are great for defining a boundary and you don't want something shorter you can trip over.
  • Medium and wide outdoor planters: 18"H x 18"W x Any Length, 22"H x 22"W x Any Length. Wide planters are great for gardening and having more planting space. The wider width also allows for more shrubbery to create privacy or a large bed of flowers for businesses.
  • Large outdoor planters: 30"H x 18"W x Any Length, 36" squares x 24"Height, 42" Squares x 30" Height. Large planters are great for commercial applications in large spaces. They can also be used as tree planters and for large plants.
  • Custom planters: Any size to meet your needs also available!

Rectangular Outdoor Planters