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Cedar Mantel Beams

Our cedar mantel beams are made from solid red western cedar timbers (not hollow). They come in a variety of sizes to fit any fireplace and can even be custom made to any length. Beams also come in a wide range of thicknesses, lengths, and heights. Our cedar mantels are perfect for adding a rustic touch to the inside of your home. They are a perfect compliment for some of our other farmhouse accents including cedar window boxes, gable brackets, wood corbels, and cedar planters. All of our mantels come in a wide range of finishes including clean beams that are smooth sawn and rough sawn as well as rustic beams which shows some small visible cracks for character. All cedar beams come unfinished and can be left raw or stained, sealed, or painted by the customer upon receipt.

Floating Cedar Mantels with Brackets

Here at Flower Window Boxes, Inc. our cedar mantel beams are made from quality cedar beams. The cedar mantel has a pocketed out area in the back for a floating hidden metal bracket to sit flush that screws to the wall and allows for easy installation of your mantel above your fireplace. Mantel beams can be ordered with or without the floating bracket if you wish to install using your own method or to save money. Your floating cedar mantels come fully ready to install with easy installation instructions. Simply mount the mantel bracket following our simple instructions, and slide the cedar mantel beam right over it. Installing a cedar mantel beam with a floating bracket is incredibly strong, quick, and easy.
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Custom Cedar Beam Mantels Custom Cedar Beam Mantel
Starting Price: $160.00

Custom Cedar Beam Mantels

Our mantel shelves come in a variety of standard lengths and profiles, including lengths from 54" to 72" long and profile sizes of 4x8, 4x10, 6x8, and 6x10 timbers. We also have a custom cedar mantel beam option listed below which covers sizes ranging from 48 - 84" long and includes 4" and 6" thick timbers. We can also give you a free estimate on custom lengths and sizes upon request. Give us a call at 888-505-7715 or email us at sales@flowerwindowboxes.com and speak with one of our mantel specialists today for more information! All standard size and custom sized cedar mantels are built to order and ship fast. Current order ship in approximately 2-3 business days.

Cedar Mantel Corbels

Lastly, you can choose to accent your cedar wood mantel with a variety of decorative cedar mantel corbels. These corbels are listed at the bottom of this page and it is recommended you add two to your cart for checkout. We also have a cedar corbel page with a more extensive list of cedar mantels you can choose from if you don't like any of the options below. You can also opt out of using the corbels as they are purely for adding a decorative touch.

4x8, 4x10, 6x8, and 6x10 Cedar Beams

All of our mantels can be ordered in four different beam sizes. Our 4x8 cedar beams are smaller and a more cost-effective way to create a rustic look for your living room or great room Our 6x10 cedar beams are more grand and make a large statement. In addition, you can order our mantels in four different finishes, including smooth sawn, rough sawn, rustic smooth sawn (some cracks), and rustic rough sawn (some cracks). Rustic beams are slightly distressed and give the beam a very farmhouse look. Our cedar mantel beam can be used both indoors and outdoors. If you are using them as outdoor mantel beams it is recommended that you stain or seal the mantel.