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Window Box Liners

At Flower Window Boxes, TM we offer a wide range of window box liners and inserts made from PVC, aluminum, metal, and painted PVC in hundreds of standard sizes. In PVC, we offer both architectural grade liners as well as light duty window box inserts. Our brand of architectural grade PVC window box liners are made of a 5/8" thick cellular PVC material that looks and feels like wood. Unlike other plastic window box liners, our high grade PVC material will not warp, sag, crack, distort, or fade over time. They're also paintable and will hold any exterior latex for up to 15 years. We also have the ability to make custom window box liners and they can be customized in all three dimensions: length, width, and height. These are great if you need a custom planter liner for an existing planter or custom flower box.

PEAK SEASON: All Liners SHIPS FULLY ASSEMBLED in approximately 5-7 business days (not a kit). These are built to order by professional carpenters.
PVC window box liners and planter liners offer a quality upgrade over traditional plastic liners and can be used as inserts for existing wooden window boxes or wrought iron window boxes to help prolong their longevity and enhance their look. Flower box liners and inserts and liners in general are not necessary with any of our window boxes or outdoor planters because they can be planted directly into. However, we do offer our exclusive line of light duty window box inserts below for those who like the convenience of using removable inserts for hard to reach windows.

Window Box Inserts and Liners ComparisonFor those looking to hang one of our architectural liners from the wall, we recommend getting our Modern window boxes instead. They are made from thicker materials and have a stronger frame, and are backed with our lifetime warranty.

Aluminum, Plastic, and Copper Window Box Liners

In addition to our PVC liners we also offer metal liners made from aluminum with a copper coated finish (copper tone, dark brown, and silver) as well as liners made from real copper. The real copper liners come in two finishes (untarnished and patina finish). Untarnished copper liners will naturally patina green over time. We also offer a PVC liner with a specialized paint finish using real copper paint and an acid wash for those who want to get the same look of patina copper but at a fraction of the cost. There are seven different liner options for inside our wrought iron window boxes.

Self-Watering Window Box Liners

Try adding one of our self watering reservoirs to any of our light duty, metal, or architectural grade liners for a super low maintenance solution that will turn any window box into a self-watering window box.