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Exterior Shutter Hardware Hinges and Shutter Dog StaysExterior Shutter Hardware

Exterior Shutter Hinges and Shutter Dog Stays

We offer for our Forever Shutters TM line two different types of hardware. New York style hinges in steel for the cost conscious consumer and hinges in stainless steel for customers who want nothing but the best. Our New York style hinges come in three different offsets depending on if your window is installed on siding, brick, or stone.

In order to use a New York style hinge it is recommended that the pintel plate that holds the hinge be installed into a solid trim that surrounds the window. This trim should be a solid material like wood, PVC, or some other solid composite that can accept screws. Hollow trims like aluminum and vinyl are not recommended as screws will not be able to adequately grab onto the trim to properly secure the hinge plates. Each shutter hinge comes as two parts: a pintel plate and a hinge. The pintel plate screws into the surround window trim and has a rod that sticks out various lengths to clear siding, brick, or stone depending on the situation. The hinge then hooks onto the pintel rod allowing the shutter to open and close.

Our composite exterior shutters made from PVC can be hinged with our 5-point install method and although the shutter can open and close they must remain in the open position to maintain the lifetime warranty. This means our exterior shutters will give the look of functionality but are for decorative purposes only. In line with our Forever Shutters brand we also offer a set of stainless steel hinges for exterior shutters. Our stainless steel collection is for our customers who want nothing but the best and are looking for a longer lasting mounting hardware option for their shutters. As you scroll through our exterior shutter hardware kits below keep in mind that for our shutters 48" tall and less they will require two pairs of New York style hinges and for our shutters that are 49-95" tall they will require 3 pairs of New York style hinges.
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S Scroll Exterior Shutter Hold Back Hardware Steel Shutter Dog Stays (Pair)
Starting Price: $15.00