Shipping Rates

At Flower Window Boxes, we ship out all of our window boxes fully assembled (Not as Kits). This means you are getting a high quality piece of furniture that has been hand crafted by a professional carpenter. They are also made of solid material that will not warp or crack during a winter freeze or over time due to stress and backed with a lifetime warranty. Because they are solid material and because they ship fully assembled there is a shipping cost associated with it. Currently we have three different shipping tiers that is based on how Fedex/UPS tier their shipping packages. We do not inflate the prices of our products to include shipping in the price, so what you will see on our site are true shipping costs and true costs of our products. Please also note that at any time you can get an exact shipping quote online automatically by adding the items to your shopping cart and proceeding to checkout. You will be able to simply enter in your zip code prior to being asked for any kind of payment which will give you a shipping cost prior to proceeding to the payment screen. This allows you to see the shipping cost on your own prior to truly checking out. You may also call us or email us and we will email you or call you back with a free quote within a couple of hours.

TIER 1: Standard Shipping
Standard 8" tall and XL 10" tall Window Boxes 24"-72" are standard shipping and costs anywhere from $15 for a 24" box to ship to $32 for a 72" box to ship. If you are ordering multiple boxes the cost per box does come down a few dollars per box. 24" - 72" Planters and boxes larger than 10" tall may be in tier 2 or tier 3 shipping due to larger overall volume. Metal window boxes are usually a few dollars extra to ship.

TIER 2: Light Freight Shipping
Standard 8" tall window boxes and XL 10" tall window boxes that are 78"-96" are considered light freight packages and are in another shipping tier due to their rather large size. Based on how Fedex/UPS currently operate, packages over 72" in length are considered oversized due to being cumbersome for their drivers to pick up and load as well as becoming increasingly heavier to lift. Shipping rates range from $52 for a standard 78" window box to $119 for a 96" window box. Some of the shorter planters can fall in this category if they have larger heights and widths which give them an overall volume that makes them classified as "oversized" by Fedex/UPS.

TIER 3: Full Freight Shipping
Boxes over 97" in length (custom) are considered to be freight only shipments. Unfortunately, these boxes are too long for Fedex/UPS to carry and as such only an 18 wheel freight truck carrier will take them. Freight costs generally start around $199 for most shipments if shipping to a residential location or $139 for most shipments if shipping to a commercial business location. If your order is for multiple boxes freight shipping can go up slightly, but doesn't typically go up significantly. Also any planter whose volume gets too high may have to ship freight since everything is shipped fully assembled (not as kits). The easiest thing is to simply add to your cart and go to checkout where you can put in your zip code and get a quick shipping rate quote.

Continental and Contiguous USA Shipping, Shipping to Canada, and Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska Terms
Online shipping rates are for contiguous U.S. only which includes all of the continental united states but excludes islands reached by ferry. We do, however, have the ability to ship to Hawaii, Alaska, ferried islands, and Canada. If you live in one of those areas and want to order from us then you will need to contact us and order by phone to get a custom shipping rate. You can call and get a free quote emailed to you then call back to place the order after you review the quote. Shipping to these non-continental and non-contiguous USA regions will incur additional shipping charges.

Flat Rate Shipping vs. Custom Shipping Rates
Our online system uses a flat rate to determine the shipping costs. However, in some instances we can run a custom shipping quote to your exact location to see if there is any additional savings possible. If you would like for us to run a custom shipping quote please give us a call at (888).505.7715 or fill out a form for a free quote here and let us know you what you are interested in, the quantities, and that you want a custom shipping quote to your location.

Thanks again for choosing Flower Window Boxes!