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Cedar Brackets, Corbels, Braces, and Gables Picture Gallery

Flower Window Boxes is a manufacturer of custom cedar millwork components such as brackets, corbels, braces, and gables. We are proud to show off pictures that customers have sent in of some of our projects. Below are dozens of photos to show what we are capable of doing and to give you ideas and inspiration for your own projects. If you would like to be featured in our online gallery just email us photos of your finished project and we will proudly display it here for all to see.

Window Box Pictures Exterior Shutter Pictures Dark stained cedar gable arches 10/12 pitch Unstained cedar gables 12/12 pitch Simple cedar gable arches cedar portico over window with cedar brackets and gable Large door portico held up with cedar bracket supports Huge custom cedar gable arches decorative cedar braces painted white holding overhang red stained cedar brackets holding up garage door overhang custom cedar brackets in production line Large cedar arch supports for garage door roof overhang simple curved wood braces for front porch decorative trellis bracket made from wood painted white painted yellow wood brackets with curved beam and backer boards red cedar porch brackets under portico two red stained cedar gable arches 10/12 pitch 30" x 30" cedar wood portico brackets for support cedar brace arches in red stain brown painted cedar corbels under window bump out rustic cedar beam in gable unpainted large cedar corbels under ornamental window balcony large cedar mantel corbels under large cedar mantel