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Frequently Asked Questions about Cedar Products (Gables, Brackets, Corbels, Mantels, Rafter Tails)

1. Can you make custom bracket designs?
Absolutely, in fact that is what we specialize in. Most of what you see on our website is a small sampling just to show you what we are capable of and to give you ideas. Often our customers send in a blueprint drawing to us or .dwg file to have a custom bracket fabricated. No size order is too big or too small. We've made brackets as large as 7 feet tall to as small as 6 inches tall. Email us your drawings at sales@flowerwindowboxes.com.

2. Can you make a bracket on your website in a different size?
Definitely. Often customers like a design on our website but need to tweak a dimension or two. We can add a few inches or completely resize the bracket all together by making it taller, shorter, or thicker.

3. What are the costs for a custom bracket?
Costs for a custom bracket are surprisingly cost effective. We prorate the costs based on size and complexity. This means that if you make a bracket on our website smaller, the price will go down accordingly. And if you make it bigger the price will go up accordingly. But there are no added custom fees to make the jigs for your brackets. The same rules apply for custom designed brackets. Size of lumber can also play a big role in costs. For example, using a 4x6 beam instead of a 6x6 beam will reduce the cost of any of our brackets and vice versa. You can fill out a quote request form here and we will get back to you very quickly with a price.

4. What is your turnaround time? For Custom?
Turnaround can be very quick for us. Often, we ship out your order in 2-3 business days. There can be exceptions, however. For large orders or special orders that require us to special order custom sized wood beams or large orders that may take several days to complete, the turnaround time can be 1-2 weeks to ship out. Sometimes we can get it out faster, especially if a customer let's us know they need it quicker, we can then prioritize it. Also, during the months of April and May our turnaround can be a couple extra days due to high demand.

5. Are brackets available in rough and smooth form?
Yes, brackets are available in rough or smooth red western cedar. This does not affect the price of the bracket.

6. Can you notch the braces of the bracket to fit in the legs for extra strength?
We get this request often and the answer is yes. We can notch the brace of the bracket so that it fits inside the vertical and horizontal parts of the bracket. This has a small added cost due to the extra labor but provides for superior strength and durability for times when needed.

7. Where do you ship/sell your products?
We ship all over the continental US, Alaska, and Canada. Everything is shipped out of our facility in Cumming, GA. Local customers can pick up their orders to avoid shipping costs. Orders to Canada are subject to additional brokerage costs and a different shipping bracket. You will need to call us for rates and order by phone. Internet orders are not set up to ship to Canada at this time.

8. Do/Can you paint your brackets?
Currently we do not paint our brackets, however, for a sizeable order we are sometimes open to priming them for you. We will not do this for a small order. All of our cedar products can be painted, however, by the customers and for the best finish we recommend getting our products in smooth cedar instead of rough.

9. Can you produce large quantities?
Absolutely. We can fulfill orders for entire neighborhoods if needed. Many of our past projects have included brackets and corbels by the hundreds.

10. Can you make a bracket for me in a different species of wood?

This depends. For a small order the answer is usually no. We are willing to quote orders for different species if they are moderate in size or bigger, but for one or two brackets we stick strictly to cedar. This is because we do not stock other wood species and it will require a special order.

11. Are your brackets returnable?

For all cedar product returns, we must be notified within 30 days of the original purchase. All non-custom cedar products are subject to a 20% restocking fee. We do not accept returns on custom cedar items. We do ask that the customer ship the product back to us as well. Anything that is custom made, custom designed, or custom resizing of one of our pictured brackets is considered a non-returnable item. For this reason, sometimes customers will order a single bracket first to make sure it will work before ordering the rest of them.

12. Who is Flower Window Boxes?

If you call us or email us on the phone we will respond as Flower Window Boxes which is our parent company. You can visit our website for window boxes and other architectural products such as flower boxes, planters, and exterior shutters made out of PVC here at www.FlowerWindowBoxes.com.

13. Can you make gables different lengths and pitches?
Yes! We have several decorative gable designs already offered in multiple lengths and pitches to choose from. However, we can make any of our designs or even a unique design off a drawing or blueprint. We can also customize the length to the exact specifications you need and the pitch to fit any roof.