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Fall Window Box Ideas

Ideas for decorating window boxes for fall holidays

Below are a list of ideas for planting window boxes in the fall. Common themes are pumpkins, yellow and orange displays, red leaves, Halloween decorations, and Thanksgiving decor. Below is just a small sampling of some of the flower boxes that our customers have sent in showing off their fall window boxes. Some great flower choices are maiden grass, perennial sunflowers, boston ivy, virginia creepers, and helenium red and orange, and golden rod yellow, and yellow marigolds. Sweet potato vine is also a classic vine choice that trails wonderfully and is a very durable fall plant that is an easy "go to" if you need to mix in some green trailing vines. Here are out best fall window box ideas for you!

Window Box Ideas For Halloween

Halloween is the time for ghosts and ghouls. You can protect your home from these spooky creatures by decorating your window boxes with the following creative ideas.
· Jack-o’-lanterns: Strategically place a few small jack-o’-lanterns in your window boxes to add some spooky Halloween flair. These lanterns are a fun and festive way to decorate your home for Halloween.
· Skeletons: Incorporate small skeleton figurines or garlands into your window boxes for a creepy, Halloween-themed display. This is a great way to get creative with your Halloween décor.
· Black and orange flowers: Use black and orange flowers, such as black pansies or orange marigolds, to add color to your Halloween window boxes.

Window Box Ideas For Thanksgiving

One of the nice advantages to our window boxes is that they can be left out all year round without worrying about cracking, splitting, splintering, warping, bowing, or breaking. This saves you from having to haul and store them away during the fall and winter and opens up the possibilities to plant and decorate them during the most festive parts of the year an show them off to family and friends during these late autumn and winter months. Thanksgiving emotes feelings of autumn, falling leaves in rustic colors, and roasted chestnuts. It reminds you of warmth and comfort. You can use these emotions to spruce up your winter window boxes.
* Autumn leaves: Fill your window boxes with autumn leaves for a beautiful, autumnal display. When autumn comes around, you find the trees turning rich golden colors that almost reflect sunset colors. You can use different colored leaves, branches, and twigs in your window box. In this simple way, you bring some color to your home and celebrate the season.
* Gourds and pumpkins: Use gourds and small pumpkins to create a harvest-themed window box. These winter squashes are a fun and festive way to decorate for Thanksgiving and the fall season.
* Corn stalks: Incorporate dried corn stalks into your window boxes for a rustic, harvest-themed display. Pair the golden stalks with red berries, straw, and pine cones for a uniquely festive way to decorate for Thanksgiving and the fall season.
* Scarecrows and hay: Place decorative Thanksgiving themed decorations like scarecrows and hay in your window box to give a farm-style look.
long window box with pumpkins
Long window box with pumpkins
white pumpkins in fall window box
White pumpkins in fall window box
Fall flowers and squashes
Fall flowers and squashes
Fall pumpkin display
Red leaves and pumpkin display
Front doorstep fall window box idea
Front doorstep display with pumpkins and cornstalks
fall railing planter
Railing planter idea with fall flowers
window box with pumpkins and red flowers
Window box with pumpkins and red flowers
pumpkins window box
Pumpkins window box
Window box with tall plants for privacy
Deck window box with tall privacy grass
Fall window box displays
Fall window box with cornstalk, mums, and vines
Three window boxes above front door
Red, orange, and yellow geraniums and ivy
window box with fall and american flag display
Window box with ornamental grass
fall centerpiece window box
Ornamental grass centerpiece in window box
fall window box with hanging vines, pumpkins, and squash
Hanging sweet potato vines and squash
fall holiday display
Fall plants and vines
fall window box with orange flowers and orange leaves
Orange flowers spilling out
hanging vines and orange flowers fall flower box arrangement
Sweet potato vines and orange flowers
purple and yellow autumn plants for planter
Purple and yellow autumn plants
yellow flower autumn window boxes
Yellow autumn flowers and spike plant
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