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Geranium Window BoxesWrought Iron Window Boxes

Are you looking to add color and character to your home? Try geranium window boxes! Geraniums are more than just pretty flowers; they’re also easy to care for and thrive in most environments, especially in flower boxes, pots, and containers. A geranium planter box is a great way to maximize a small backyard without room for a traditional garden.

Here, we’ll explore everything your need to know about using geraniums in window boxes and container gardening, from choosing the suitable species to planting and maintaining them correctly. So, whether you’re a seasoned gardener or an amateur, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

Benefits of Using Geraniums in Window BoxesGeranium Window Boxes

Geraniums are popular among garden enthusiasts for many reasons, including their natural aesthetic beauty. Here are several other benefits of using geraniums in your window boxes and containers:

Geraniums Have Long Blooming Periods and are Affordable

Geraniums have a long blooming period, lasting from late spring to early winter. This makes them a great choice for gardeners who want a colorful and lively display for months. This also cuts down on costs of flower replacement in your window box containers and makes them more affordable. You can also buy geraniums for a fraction of the cost of other plants, making them an excellent choice for gardeners on a budget. Different species of geraniums do have different growth habits, however. Some have a trailing habit that’s perfect for the front of a window box, while others are more upright and are better suited in the back. Different geraniums bloom at different times throughout the growing season. Some varieties bloom early in the season, while others bloom later in the summer or fall. Consider when you want your flower boxes to look their best, and choose geraniums that’ll bloom at that time.

Geraniums are Versatile and Come in Many Colorspink geranium flower box

You can grow geraniums in different settings, from window boxes and container gardens to traditional garden beds. They also thrive in the sun and shade, making them a flexible choice for your home. Geraniums have a wide range of colors, like red, pink, white, and purple. This makes them a versatile option for creating specific color schemes. When choosing these flowers for your window boxes, consider how their colors complement your home’s exterior and other plants in your garden. Geraniums also grow differently depending on the variety. They can be tall and upright to short and trailing. Choose your preferred flower and ensure they don’t overshadow other plants in your garden or become too tall and leggy.

Geraniums are Easy to Care for in Planters and are Pest ResistantGeraniums in Planter

Geraniums are hardy plants requiring minimal care and attention. They can survive dry conditions and less moisture, making them a good option for gardeners with limited time to tend to their plants. Additionally, since they require little maintenance, they offer better value for money. Geraniums are relatively resistant to pests and diseases compared to other garden plants. This makes them a good option for gardeners who want a low-maintenance plant.

Choosing the Right Geraniums for Window Boxes

Choosing the right geraniums for your window boxes is essential to ensure your plants thrive and look beautiful all season long. Here is a table showing the different types of geraniums suitable for window boxes and container gardening.

Type of Geranium Description Popular Use
Ivy-leaved geranium Trailing growth habit with small, delicate leaves and flowers Hanging baskets, window boxes, and containers
Zonal geranium Bold, colorful flowers with dark bands or "zones" on their leaves Window boxes, pots, and containers
Scented geranium Fragrant leaves with small, inconspicuous flowers Window boxes, containers, and as a natural mosquito repellent
Regal geranium Large, showy flowers in shades of pink, purple, and white with glossy, lobed leaves Window boxes, containers, and as a potted plant
Martha Washington geranium Ruffled, brightly colored flowers in shades of pink, red, and white with deep green leaves Window boxes, containers, and as a houseplant
Cranesbill geranium Small, delicate flowers in shades of pink, purple, and blue with deeply lobed leaves Window boxes, containers, and as a ground cover

Planting Geraniums in Window BoxesGeranium-flowerboxes-with-vines

Planting geraniums in window boxes might seem difficult. Still, it's easier with the right tools and knowledge than you think. Here’s a step-by-step process of planting geraniums in window boxes that should get you started,

Step 1: Prepare the Window Box
Ensure the container has enough drainage holes to stop water from building up and destroying the roots. Additionally, fill the container with good-quality gardening soil to give your plants the proper nutrients.

Step 2: Choose Your Geraniums
Choose healthy geranium plants that are pest and disease-free. Look for green plants, and avoid wilted or yellow leaves.

Step 3: Plant the Geraniums
Plant the geraniums in the soil, leaving a few inches of space between each plant to give room for growth. Make sure to plant them at the same depth they were in their original containers, and gently firm the soil around the roots.

Step 4: Water and Fertilize
Water your plants regularly, especially during hot and dry periods, while being careful not to overwater them. Furthermore, use a well-balanced fertilizer to give your plants the necessary nutrients for healthy growth.

Caring for Geraniums in Window BoxesGeraniums in a planter box

Despite their low maintenance, geraniums still require care to remain healthy and lively all season long. Here are a few tips on maintaining your geraniums in planters.

Watering: Water your geraniums once or twice a week and more often during the summer. Be careful not to overwater your plants and allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings. Luckily, if you forget to water they can be brought back to life making them easier than most flowers to keep alive. You can also try using a self-watering window box if you want to keep the perfect amount of watering and water less often.

Fertilizing: Use a well-balanced fertilizer every 4 - 6 weeks or as directed in the manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid using too much fertilizer, which can cause excessive growth and reduced flowering.

Pruning: Remove dead, yellowing, or damaged leaves and flowers regularly to encourage bushy growth and prevent legginess.

Deadheading: This is removing spent flowers from your geraniums to encourage continuous flowering. Remove the entire flower stem, not just the flower head.

Brighten Up Your SpaceRed Orange Geraniums in Flower Box on Rail

Geranium window boxes are a beautiful and popular plant choice for gardeners looking to add color and beauty to their homes. They’re affordable, low-maintenance, and come in many colors to complement other garden plants. By choosing the right type of geraniums and caring for them properly, you can create a stunning and unique display that will brighten up your home’s exterior. You can even put them in flower boxes on railings to add color to a deck or front porch. So, what are you waiting for? Give geraniums a shot in your next window box arrangement and see the beauty and benefits they can bring to your home and garden.

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