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Window Box Installation Videos

How to Install Window Boxes on Siding

How to Install Window Boxes on Brick

Step-by-Step Instructions for Installing Window Boxes

Tools Needed to Install Window Boxes
* Drill (“hammer action” may be necessary if drilling through brick/rock)
* 5/8” Regular drill bit * 5/8” Masonry drill bit (brick/rock only) OR 1/4” Regular drill bit (siding/stucco)
* 3/8” Lag bolts (2 for small box, 8 for large box, 3-6 for medium boxes)
* 2” Washers (must fit lag bolts)
* Wrench
* 5/8” Lead anchors (brick/rock only)
* Caulk
* Level

WARNING: The following are the manufacturers recommended installation method. Note that it is recommended that you have a handyman, carpenter, or other professional install these window boxes to maximize your safety. The manufacturer of these window boxes claims no liability or responsibility for damages due to improper installation.

Step 1: Remove your window box from the packaging.

Step 2: Located on the back of your window box various “penny-sized” marked circles 5/8” in diameter (if no circles are marked call the manufacturer). Before you drill a hole through the box where it is marked, you need to ensure that the placement of this hole is adequate to match your window. If you will be installing on stucco or siding, it is recommended that your holes drilled overlap a stud (you will likely modify the placement of the manufacturers pre-marked holes by moving them left or right a few inches). Because this can vary depending on the size of your window and how it was installed, please consult with a local professional to determine the best placement. If you will be installing on rock or brick, feel free to use the holes that were pre-marked by the manufacturer, as you are not required to mount to a stud.

Step 3: Drill a 5/8” hole in the proper locations on the back of your box.

Step 4: Hold the window box up to the window in the desired location and with a pencil, trace through the drilled holes in the back of the box so that you are transferring onto the walls of your house the corresponding location of the holes on the box.

Step 5 - (Brick): Set the window box down. You will now need to drill where you have marked. If are installing on siding or stucco, please proceed to Step5 (Siding) Below. If you are installing on brick or rock, then hammer drill with a 5/8” hammering bit over the marked spots roughly 3-4 inches deep. Fill the hole with a silicone caulking. Place a 5/8” expandable lead anchor shield into the hole. Make sure this lag anchor is sized to receive a 3/8” lag bolt (there are many sizes).

Step 5 - (Siding): If you are installing on stucco or siding, you will need to pre-drill a 1/4” hole where marked on the house. It is imperative that this hole be located over a stud to ensure maximum strength. Fill the hole with a silicone caulking. Proceed to Step 6 below and ignore the use of anchors related to Brick installation in Step 5 (Brick).

Step 6: Hold the window box back up to the window. The holes in the back of the box should overlap the anchors in the house. You are now ready to tighten the lag bolts with a large washer over the lag bolt and on the inside of the box (make sure the washer is between the head of the lag bolt and the inside of the back of the box before tightening).

Step 7: Prior to fully tightening the lag bolts, you may wish to place a level in the box to check for levelness. With the lag bolts tightened 90%, adjust one end of the box till level then finish tightening the lag bolts securely. This will maximize proper drainage for your window box.

Step 8: Caulk around your window box to seal it up and keep water from getting behind it. Caulk over the screw heads as well. This makes them water tight and prevents water and dirt from getting behind the box.

Window Box Bracket Installation Instructions

*PVC glue/cement (optional)
*1-1/4” or 1-1/2” screws (2 per bracket - optional)
*Caulk (optional)

Please note that window box brackets underneath are faux brackets that do not support the box but are for decoration only. You can glue or screw faux brackets to box at any time and usually after installation so that they sit flush to the house. GLUE: Apply PVC glue/cement to top of bracket. Hold to box for 2 minutes. Finish with caulk around the joint where the bracket meets the box. Although optional, this will give it a more professional look. SCREWS: Drill two 1 ¼ - 1 ½” screws into base of window box and into top of bracket to grab it. Finish with caulk. Placement of brackets is at discretion of customer. CAUTION: Do Not install window box brackets directly beneath a drain hole as this may prevent drainage or cause water to get inside of the brackets and oxidize.

Painting Window Boxes Instructions

*Exterior latex paint (color of your choice)
*Paint brush or paint roller

Tips for Prep-work
1.Avoid painting in direct sunlight on a surface that is too warm or heat blistering can occur.
2.Remove any water and dirt on the box first. Moisture trapped under the paint can push its way out and cause moisture blistering/bubbling.
3.Do not use oil based paint. Make sure that your paint is a 100% acrylic latex paint.
4.Latex can take 2-3 days to dry. For this reason avoid exposing box to dew, high humidity, moisture, or rain shortly after you have painted the box. Painting in a damp basement or similar area can lead to blistering or bubbling of the paint due to water being trapped inside or under the paint prior to it drying.

It is easiest to paint your window box before installing to your home. There is no need to prime, sand, or prep your window box. Paint directly on window box with a brush or roller using any exterior grade latex paint. There is no need to paint the back of the box. DO NOT PAINT INSIDE OF BOX, YOU WILL PLANT DIRECTLY INSIDE. If you prefer, you can paint an inch down to where the dirt line is. Oil based paints will not work. It’s ok to use a professional spray system and spray the latex paint on or you can simply brush or roll the box. Let paint completely dry before installing to your home .

Planting Instructions for Window Boxes

*Optional - Self-Watering Reservoir
*Optional - Rocks, pebbles or Styrofoam peanuts (lighter material)
* Optional - Landscape fabric
*Optional - Soil Moist, or other water absorbing material
* Potting soil

Step 1: Install the window box in desired location.
Step 2: Use either method below or both.

Black Landscape Method
Step 2a: Place a layer of landscape fabric. This will act as a filter to capture soil prior to water exiting from drain holes. (proceed to step 3)

Pea Gravel Method
Step 2b: Place a layer of rocks or pebbles. This will act as a filter to capture soil prior to water exiting from drain holes. (proceed to step 3)

Step 3: Place your Flower Window Box Self-Watering Reservoir inside of window box.
Step 4: Add nutrient rich potting soil to your window box. Fill up to and within 1 inch from the top of your window box.
Step 5: Proceed by adding your choice of flowers, plants, herbs or seeds.

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