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Yes, we are open! - Here at Flower Window Boxes we wanted to let you know what we're doing during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Some of the steps we have been taking include:

1. All employees must wash hands with soap when entering the building followed by hand sanitizer. Each employee must reapply hand sanitizer before returning from breaks.

2. In addition, we have divided our workforce into shifts to lower the number of employees in the building and spread out our workforce so that we can maintain 10 feet of social distancing between employees at all times.

3. All employees are required to use and wear dust masks at all times. As a carpentry based company this is something we have always enacted for the safety of our employees.

4. Each employee is scanned with a head thermometer each morning for temperatures less than 99.8 deg F. They are also asked a list of questions every morning before entering the building which goes over a variety of COVID-19 symptoms and broader wellness questions to ensure that no employees who do not feel well are entering the building at any time. No sick employee is allowed to work at this time without being medically cleared by their local doctor to return to work.

5. Meetings are held every morning and afternoon to discuss the countries state of affairs and to talk about the pandemic and keep everyone abreast as to the news and what everyone should be doing to follow both national, state, and local guidelines. We will continue to hold these safety meetings every day.

6. Our shop is thoroughly cleaned at the end of every shift with surfaces wiped down and floors mopped.

7. At this time we are working very hard to keep everyone in our shop safe and in so doing keep our customers safe as well. There have been no incidences of COVID-19 in our shop at this time and we will do everything in our power to keep it that way. We will continue to practice all the guidelines advised to us by our local state and health officials and ship orders out in the order they are received.

White PVC window boxes -
New orders today built and shipped in approximately 2-3 business days from time of order
Black painted PVC window boxes - Not available until further notice
Metal window boxes - built and shipped in approximately 3 weeks from time of order
PVC Planters -
New orders today built and shipped in approximately 2-3 business days from time of order
Cedar Products - built and shipped in approximately 1 week from time of order
Exterior Shutters - Built in shipped in approximately 1 week (unpainted only, painted shutters not available again until further notice)