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Winter Window Box Ideas

Christmas themed and holiday decorating ideas for flower boxes and containers

Below are a small sampling of winter window box ideas sent in from our customers. Some of these are Christmas themed and some are winter themed or holiday themed. One of the nice benefits of our window boxes, planters, and railing flower boxes is that they can be left out year round, including harsh winters up North. This saves you time and hassle from removing and storing the boxes and opens up avenues to use the boxes in ways that enhance the curb appeal of your home even in the winter! You can plant real plants and flowers and leave the soil in your box without fear of cracking since our window boxes are an expandable plastic that will not crack during winter freezing conditions. The material will contract and expand and is made from solid, not hollow, PVC that will not split from freezing water.

Winter Window Box Ideas For Christmas

There is no reason you cannot decorate your window boxes for Christmas. Besides adding festive flowers, you can decorate your window box with artificial snow, spray paint snowflakes or tie brightly colored bows around them in a tasteful, elegant manner. Here are some of our top decorating ideas for Christmas and winter:

· Poinsettias and ferns: Poinsettias are a classic Christmas plant perfect for decorating window boxes. Place several poinsettias in your window boxes for a festive, colorful display. For colder climates you can use ferns and evergreens which can grow year round and remain into your spring and summer seasons.
· Twinkling lights and jingle bells: Wrap your window boxes in twinkling lights for a magical, wintery glow. This is a creative way to add a festive atmosphere to your home, and it's sure to delight guests and passersby.

· Holly and mistletoe and artificial flowers: Use holly and mistletoe to create a traditional Christmas-themed window box. These plants will provide some greenery and color to your window boxes and add a touch of holiday charm to your home. You can use them to accents poinsettias and ferns or place them around small conifers or evergreens in the box.
· Wreaths and ribbons: wreaths and ribbons can be placed on the front of a window box a a centerpiece or focal point. Simply hook the wreaths over the front edge of our boxes for easy installation.
· Christmas tree trimmings, garland, and pine cones: these are some easy ways to decorate your flower boxes that are inexpensive and emote feelings of winter and holiday season.

We would love to see what you are planting for your winter window boxes!! Email us your pictures of your xmas window box ideas, christmas window boxes, and holiday window boxes and we will add it to our gallery here at sales@flowerwindowboxes.com so you can show your boxes off! Your pictures can help our team grow as well as being featured on our website to show off to the world and help other customers craft some of their own ideas for their unique projects. Plus, you might even get some winter decorating ideas of your own!

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